How to Create Google My Business Listing


Hey there,

Did you recently start a new business and got confused about where to start your digital presence from? Or you have an existing business but want to create a digital presence? 

Want more people to know about your business?

Do you want your local business to be known not only locally but nationally and internationally too?


Google provides a free tool for businesses to create a digital listing. This listing is seen not only near your address area but also when someone searches for products or services similar to yours. 


Let us start with creating your Google My Business listing.



  • Search – Google My Business & you will see this heading –

Google My Business – Drive Customer Engagement on Google

Click on this heading

  • Click on Manage Now Button

Now you will be directed to a page that will look like this


Google my business front page
Google my business front page


  • Enter your business name

Here you can find your existing listing if you have already created your listing in past or enter the name of your business to create a new listing.


  • Choose a category that fits best to your business.

For example – You run a Cakeshop. Here you can select this as your primary category.

But Google My Business guidelines suggest you enter your category as narrow as possible. For Example- You run a cake shop with only cupcakes or your work is to decorate the cake, then there are different types of categories available for you to choose from.

And sometimes, it may happen that you might not find a narrow category for your business, then you can enter a category that is relevant to your business, and then in the sub-category, you can enter all the niche-specific categories.


  • Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?

Here you need to answer Yes or No.

If your business is where people can visit, for example, Cakeshop where you sell your products or a clinic where some service is provided by you can select the Yes option.

If in your business you don’t provide any service or sell products at your place. For example, a plumber where he will visit others location to provide service select the No option.

Note: If your business doesn’t have a physical location like Online Store, then you are not allowed to create a Google My Business Listing


  • If you selected Yes in the previous section, then the next step is- 

What is the address?

Here, you need to enter a precise location as this address will be available on Google Maps as your business location once your listing is verified. 

You need to enter these details –

  1. Country

  2. Street Address

  3. City

  4. Pincode

  5. State

At the bottom, you can see the map where you can manually drag the red pointer to your exact location.

  • Where do you serve your customers? (optional)

In this, you can enter the location where you provide your services. When you enter a place in the service area other than your nearby areas, there is a possibility your business will be visible in that location, but it might also happen that your listing is sometimes not shown or is shown on the bottom or next page as a local business will get high priority.


  • What region is your business based in?

  • What contact details do you want to show to customers?

Here you need to enter your Contact Number and Website URL

In contact number, make sure you use a number that is not already used in another listing. If you use the same mobile number for multiple listings, your account will have a higher risk of getting suspended.

In the website URL, you can enter your current website URL or can select the option – I don’t need a website. Google My Business will also provide you a facility where they will provide you a website with the details you provide.

Here you complete the primary details for your listing. Clicking on the finish button, you will now be able to see the Dashboard of your Google My Business listing.


There are many other details that you need to fillup like

  • Hours

  • Products

  • Attributes

  • Business Description (Important)

  • Opening Date 

  • Posts

  • Photos

  • Listing Settings

  • Adding other advanced information

Now the most important task you need to complete is verifying your listing.

Click on Verify Now, and you will see a message which says you will receive a postcard by mail where you will be asked to enter a name on whose name the postcard will be sent.

That postcard will have a code inside it which you need to enter to verify your listing.


Why verifying your listing is most important?

There are many reasons why you need to verify your business

  1. When you verify your business, your listing will be visible on Google My Business and google maps.


How Verified Listing Looks Like-


How Google my business listings looks live
How Google my business listings looks like



How does a listing looks like when you search for a place?



How Google my business listings looks on side
How Google my business listings looks on the side


How does a Google My Business Listing look in Google Maps?



  1. You will find, a large portion of the Google My Business account locked like Posts, Insights, reviews, Messages, Photos, Products.


Till your listing is not verified, there is no use of your Google My Business Account.


Creating a Google My Business Listing is not a complicated task, but when you create a listing, make sure you enter all the details, are relevant and true about your business, and try not to leave any details blank.


The reason behind not leaving details blank is Google uses the information to check, how authenticated your listing is, so when you leave any details blank you will give a chance to your competitor’s listing to rank higher if they have filled every detail.


This doesn’t end here, you also need to make sure all the details you entered in your Google My Business listing should be similar to the details you entered everywhere else. When your data is consistent across the web, it is considered relevant & this can be a factor of ranking higher than your competitors.

So this is the basic information you need to create Google My Business Listing. But this is not the end, there are other important things you need to know. As this blog was about how to create a Google My Business account, I did not try to dive deep into the topic, but next time I will share How to rank on Google My Business Listing and what steps you should take to maintain your rank.

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