Understanding the Pillars of Marketing- What Marketing Really Is.

Digital Marketing
When you were a child, you liked or had something that you would brag about it all the time to your friends, family, and neighbors. What was that? Of course, it was your positive opinion about something. Well, that was indirect marketing and might even have created demand. But that was something you did unknowingly.

But what is marketing?

How can we learn marketing?

What is the root of marketing?

What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

How can you create an effective marketing funnel?

How to implement Digital Marketing Framework?

So let us get started.

In marketing, everything connects with people. Marketing is deeply rooted in the fundamentals of human psychology. The method of reaching people might change, but its root principles remain the same. Once your idea of marketing is clear, strategies will come along.

Marketing is not a concept that came into existence with the trend of the new generation. Although ideas of marketing keep evolving, marketing is something that got recognized with the industrial revolution.

Marketing cannot be done if you are just good at creating innovative ideas; creativity will make your Ad look appealing. But what if it fails to reach people whom it needs to be? Like marketing winter wear in sunny regions, your ad will catch sight by people, even appreciated for creativity, but you will not be getting any output. Therefore, when you create ads, you also need to keep in mind every aspect, then you can expect positive output. “Marketing has a scientific approach behind it.”

Before discussing the real implementation method, let me address you with some basic laws of marketing.

As we market any product, we should ensure that our product reaches with the Right Message -> To Right Person -> At Right Time. If we do so, the customer will feel more connected towards your product as they will think it is designed especially for them. And there are more chances of your product getting sold.

According to Peter Drucker, referred to as the “Father of Business Studies,” says “ Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. ” So when you create a marketing campaign, it is basically to know your customers. Once you know your customers well, you can provide them with better products or services. And you will be able to provide even better service if you communicate with people on topics that are already in their mind and for that, you need to think from the customer point of view.

Let me show you some of the well-known brand examples where you will see why a customer’s point of view is necessary.

Dove: Body Positive Packaging Campaign

Dove had a win with the positive body image “Real Beauty” campaign featuring real women in a positive light. It was an empowering campaign & this campaign has been running for more than 15 years & is one of the most successful marketing campaigns. Then they released a limited edition packaging that represented a diverse shape representation of the female body, which was deliberate to reinforce a positive body image for women. But it ended up increasing self-consciousness.

Twitch: Focusing On Your Niche

Twitch is one of the most successful social networks of recent times, yet not many people know about that. Because Twitch is completely based on one single topic, and that is broadcasting live video games.

And rather than marketing their platform to everyone. They did the exact opposite and decided to focus on a specific niche and establish a relationship with their users.

And when we talk about brand marketing examples, there is one more that does marketing very effectively & that is-

Red Bull: Covers all grounds of marketing

Red Bull
Red Bull is a great example & Red Bull certainly gives its marketing strategies ‘Wings.’ Let’s begin from the very start there was only traditional marketing like billboards, radio, newspaper, T.V. as means of advertising, and they were costly. Therefore they directly approached its target audience and started distributing free samples & the word got spread by consumers themselves. And from that time till today, Red Bull never misses an opportunity to market itself. They always find the trend and thrill of their target audience and take action.

One of their many strategies is generating hype, which also created world records where they sent a man up 128,000 ft above the earth and had him fall out. That creates an urge of watching what would happen..??

Besides such breathtaking stunts, Red Bull also considers the interests of its audience, such as concerts, music festivals, sports, and all other interests their audience has. And that’s the reason they are successful, always focusing on audience enjoyment rather than pushing its products.

Now let’s talk about Traditional marketing & Digital Marketing.

Difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing
Traditional marketing is modes of promoting your brand that doesn’t use digital media, and here are some examples of a medium of traditional marketing like newspaper, magazine, direct mail, outdoor advertising like hoarding, posters, window displays, radio, television, distribution of free samples, live demonstration, coupons, telephone, billboards, flyers and many more.

As Digital Marketing uses digital media to promote, there are many ways like email marketing, display ads, social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Video Ads, etc.

All these media still works one way or the other both traditional and digital marketing has their highs and lows. Some have great futures, and some might become absolute, but here is an idea, how about we use both, link them together and get results. For example, you promote a service using a traditional method, such as Newspaper Advertising and a call to action button or a link for further knowledge of registration. And this way, we can use both modes of marketing.

Now let see the important part of marketing-

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel
CATT stands for “Content Attention Trust Transaction.” And this model highly depends on the Niche you select. This cycle starts with your niche selection, where you decide what you are passionate about and will keep you engaged for a long time. And when you find that, you will be able to follow this cycle. Following this continuously, will help you convert your audience into customers. You can follow this cycle as shown here with steps — the function of these steps is- How to accomplish the goal.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework
The integrated Digital Marketing approach is collectively using multiple marketing strategies for your business. When you start providing value to your audience, make sure you create awareness. Here you will use all mediums like email marketing, advertising, SEO, etc., to establish continuous interest and keep them stick to your content. And make sure your content provides such information that they do not find anywhere else.

#MassTrust Blueprint

MassTrust Blueprint

Learn — Learn a skill

Work — Put your skill to action.

Blog — Write about your work and skill

Consult — Start consulting other businesses as you have started building your brand.

Mentor — Start mentoring others who want to become like you.

Startup — Start your own business where you sell your product or services.

A personal brand is a powerful concept. The six steps shown above will not only help you but will also change your life if followed.

Start with learning, it is mandatory to learn a skill, and if you have skills, you can work with it, and it can be like anything like freelancing or a job. When you gain experience in a field, you start learning everything around that skill too. Then comes blogging, it is never too late to start blogging; you can start blogging and develop your brand with it. Once you have your brand, you can start with consulting people related to your field. It can be one-to-one or even for a company. Next is mentoring, this stage will be where you will be helping people who want to be like you and when you will teach, you will be the one learning most out of it as this will help you a lot, and eventually, you will master it. Last is a startup, when you reach here, you will have enough knowledge to start a business to sell your products and services. When you make up to this stage, you will realize that you are following cycle’s all stage together. You will be learning, working, blogging, consulting, mentoring, along with your startup & this can go on.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found something useful.

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